Back: Julia Ammerman, Kate Sheeder, Breanna Peters, Briana Ianaro, Janelle Mumma, Johanna Ryan 
Middle: Brittany Renaud, Ciara Marsh, Mia Keener!, Rachel Thompson, Sierra Grice, Kristen Butler, Lisa Ambuski
Front: Gwenn Porter, Angela Moore, Madison Sopic, Jayme Ryan, Lori Zalno, Elizabeth Peters, Amber Byerly
Returning Letterwinners ( Seniors, all ) -
Back: Angela Moore,  Gwenn Porter,  Middle: Amber Byerly, Lori Zalno, Elizabeth Peters
Front: Madison Sopic, Jayme Ryan
Welcome to Lady Bison Basketball

Basketball 2009-2010
The 2009 - 2010 Team -
Looks like a Shrimp Ring at WalMart
Courtesy Fred Ammerman

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