Girls' Sports at Clearfield Area High School
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With the site's mission being that of promoting the Clearfield Lady Bison , we are the first to
admit to a bias in favor of our own girls.   But, at the risk of offending those same girls, we occasonally show those times when they miss a basket or lose the ball ~ and have also featured the other side when they do well.   While we strive to keep things in perspective, we realize that there might be times when our viewpoint is one that is not shared by all.
                       It is after all , ladybisonsports , not ladydragons nor ladyhornets !

Therefore I would ask that if at any time any visitor to the site feels that we have overstepped
the bounds of good sportsmanship, that you first contact the site with your comments before
troubling the Clearfield Area School District.

We'll do our very best to address any such grievances and to answer your comments.

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