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Basketball History
Here, too, are some documents collected and provided by Mr. Fred Kavelak of gantnews.com a few
years back and it took a while to getting around to adding them. They cover seasons 2013-2018 and
are detailed stats for every player on the Varsity team and complete season results. We are much in
Mr. Kavelak's debt.
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Title IX ~
Title IX is a federal civil rights law in the United States of America that was passed as part of the Education Amendments
Act of 1972. The law stated
"No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be
denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial
The effect of the law was to ensure that public schools and colleges receiving federal funds had to offer the
same opportunities for girls and women to participate in sports programs as had already been available to boys and men.
1972 is seen as the landmark year for girls' and women's sports. Looking through the Bison Yearbook it appears that
"Modern-Era" Lady Bison Basketball had begun a little earlier, in 1970. For the first few years the yearbooks mention no
W/L records, no scores and no Letters being awarded so it seems that 1970 through maybe 1972 the sport was largely an
intramural activity.
1972 ~ occupies two pages but it's actually just two halves, shared with Cheerleaders & Softball
Historic "Bison" Yearbook pages and /or Game Program Entries ~
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I was going through all of the C.H.S. Yearbooks that I have, all the way
back to 1915, trying to find some mention of the beginnings of Softball
at C.H.S., even as an intramural diversion. Not surprisingly, I found
nothing earlier than the year 1972 when Title IX had kicked in.

There was Girls' "Basket-Ball" in those days but nothing else. One
young lady took exception to the lack of Athletic opportunities for
girls at C.H.S. and wrote the following:

                             "......Girls' Athletics
Just at the present time, the division features in Athletics is
inequitable. In those things intended to develop both mind and body
the girls' participation is in the background. While we boost to the
top the boys' sports with the "true blue" spirit known to C.H.S., we
feel that if such games as Hockey, Volley Ball, and Track were includ-
ed in the general course for girls that there would be more satisfaction
and enthusiasm. But instead of all these visions being realized, we
must be content with a little basket ball.
    Schools are built up, interest enhanced, and promotions insured by
an equity in the pleasures as well as the hardships. Equity is justice -
a just regard to right or claim and if I were a poet, I would write (to
remain permanently on the blackboard) these words:

                                    These are best for you and me
                                    And let it be our constant plea
                                    To dwell in Love and Equity

Our mothers had the constitution amended to give them an equal pos-
ition and all we, the girls of Clearfield High, ask is to be given a more
satisfactory position in the line of sports. When this is done, we shall
feel we have been recognized in such manner that befits the major
enrollment of the school."
There is no byline so we don't know the author, but the Assistant
Athletic Editor that year was Katherine Geppert, so she's a strong
candidate. Whether Ms. Geppert or someone else, the writer clearly
had some sensibilities far advanced of the general thinking of the
times. And also, whoever it was must have been sticking her neck way out there. I'm sure that editorializing in the pages of the year-
book was not encouraged, then or now. Keep in mind that women had finally been granted the right to vote only four years before.

Later I spoke to Joe Geppert of Clearfield and while Katherine was indeed his aunt he couldn't say for sure if she was the author.
Interesting to note that a couple of Joe's nieces played Lady Bison Softball; Peggy Geppert in 80-82 and Michelle Geppert in 1984.
It's fun to speculate on the possibility that their great aunt Katherine would have been pleased that Peggy, Michelle and other
girls would have such opportunities, even though it came about almost sixty years later.
Articles - 2006-07 
Pictures - 2006-07
B73 (2)
B73 (3)
1973 ~ still no Scoreboard or even a W/L record but for the first time, Letterwinners ~
Seniors Noranne Read, Barb Noone, Gail Sabanosh, Gail Scruggs, Kim Johnston,
Tracy Barnes, Janie Waple, Diane Williams & Junior Grace Butler ~ are named.
1975 ~
1977 ~
With the publication of the 1974 Bison it seems that Girls' Basketball is starting to earn some real respect; there
were not only the Letterwinners listed but a nascent W/L record. At this point we're going to stop a minute and
discuss a couple things. Above I used the term "Modern Era" for the years since 1970 and Title IX. The term is
used to distinguish it from an earlier time from the 1920s through 1951 when girls played Basketball and other
sports at C.H.S. We''ll address that era later on when we get caught up with this one.

And another thing of interest is this "editorial content" that was publishedin the 1924 "Breeze"
(as the "Bison" Yearbook was called until 1930)
OK, back to the chore at hand . . .
1974 ~ This year's Letterwinners ~ G.Butler, L. Homan, B. Jenkins, S. Kovalick,G. Lambert, D. Quinn,
S. Smith, J. Thompson, S, Venerick, S. Henry and R. Mackay ~ and the Yearbook finally mentions a W/L
record; 7 wins vs only 3 losses. Wins are - 2 each over Brockway, Brookville & Du Bois and one over
Curwensville while dropping two to Punxsutawney. The mention of competing with other schools for the
first time would seem to indicate that it had become an official, interscholastic school sport.
1975 Letterwinners ~
Cindy Braucht ~ Sandy Hay
Patty Henry ~ Karen Murray
Mary Natoli ~ Shirley Pangborn
Vickie Smith ~ Sara Speegle
Lynn Wise
1976 ~
1976 Outstanding Athlete ~

Mary Natoli
1977 Outstanding Athlete ~

Vickie Smith
1978 ~
1978 Outstanding Athlete ~

Jendi Wood
1979 ~
1980 ~
1981 ~
1982 ~
1983 ~
1984 ~
1989 ~
1990 ~
1991 ~                                                 Varsity Record ~ 13W / 10L
1994 ~
(No game scores or record was posted for Girls' Basketball or any other C.H.S. Sports in the '94 Bison)
Yearbook pages from 1970 thru 1984 are included for all of those seasons, many with scoreboards. Then there is a four-year gap
(85-88) until we hit the 1989 - 1995 time period and then starting with 97-98 we have most of thr game programs up until we hit those
years that are covered in full elsewhere on the site. The gaps that occur are only becausewe don't have those "Bison" yearbooks on hand. We'll need go to Historica and the Shaw Library and a few other places and try to track them down.

There are no doubt some misspellings in my captions and comments and some are surely my fault. However, there are others that
were there on the Bison pages as printed and even though I recognized them as errors, instead of correcting them I left them alone
for historical interest. For instance, some of the girls have their name spelled correctly on one page and incorrectly on another;
the town name "Ridgway" seems to often be misspelled "Ridgeway." Things like that.
1975 Record ~
13W / 4L
1976 Record ~

1977 Record ~

Yearbook says 11-0, so
the Bradford score
must be reversed
1978 Varsity Record ~

9W / 1L
1979 Varsity Record ~

12W / 3L
1980 Varsity Record ~

13W / 8L
1981 Varsity Record ~

4W / 16L
1982 Varsity Record ~

12W / 6L
1983 Varsity Record ~

8W / 14L
1984 Varsity Record ~

10W / 13L
1989 Varsity Record ~

5W / 19L
1990 Varsity Record ~

17W / 9L
1992 ~                                                 Varsity Record ~ 9W / 13L
1993 ~                                                 Varsity Record ~ 19W / 5L
1995 ~                                                 Varsity Record ~ 6W / 15L
1998-1999 ~                                                 Varsity Record ~ 18W / 4L
2002 ~                                                 Varsity Record ~ 6W / 18L
2010 ~                                                 Varsity Record ~ 15W / 8L
In these team pictures from 1970 & 1971 the girls appear to be wearing Basketball-appropriate
shorts but their collared white shirts look more like they're heading to a choral concert.
> > >
All of these following listed years have pages on this site dedicated to their teams,
players and game records. For seasons that came before this site was established
we're trying to fill in the blanks with pages excerpted from yearbooks and programs.
They follow below ~
So here we run into one of those eras when we don't have a Bison yearbook available but we
do have some Game Programs ~ starting with the 1997-98 season ~
1999 - 2000 ~                                        
BB99-00 (1)
BB99-00 (2)
BB99-00 (3)
BB99-00 (4)
BB99-00 (5)
BB99-00 (6)
BB99-00 (7)
BB99-00 (8)
BB99-00 (9)
BB99-00 (10)
BB99-00 (11)
BB99-00 (12)
BB99-00 (13)
BB99-00 (14)
1999 - 2000 ~                                        
BBO0-01 (1)
BBO0-01 (2)
BBO0-01 (3)
BBO0-01 (4)
BBO0-01 (5)
BBO0-01 (6)
BBO0-01 (7)
BBO0-01 (8)
BBO0-01 (9)
BBO0-01 (10)
BBO0-01 (11)
BBO0-01 (12)
BBO0-01 (13)
BBO0-01 (14)
BBO1-02  (1)
BBO1-02  (2)
BBO1-02  (3)
BBO1-02  (4)
BBO1-02  (5)
BBO1-02  (6)
BBO1-02  (7)
BBO1-02  (8)
BBO1-02  (9)
BBO1-02  (10)
BBO1-02  (11)
BBO1-02  (12)
BBO1-02  (13)
BBO2-03 (1)
BBO2-03 (3)
BBO2-03 (4)
BBO2-03 (5)
BBO2-03 (6)
BBO2-03 (7)
BBO2-03 (8)
BBO3-04 (1)
BBO3-04 (4)
BBO3-04 (5)
BBO3-04 (6)
BBO3-04 (7)
BBO3-04 (9)
BBO4-05 (1)
BBO4-05 (3)
BBO4-05 (4)
BBO4-05 (5)
BBO4-05 (6)
BBO4-05 (7)
BBO4-05 (8)
BBO4-05 (9)
BBO5-06 (1)
BBO5-06 (3)
BBO5-06 (4)
BBO5-06 (5)
BBO5-06 (6)
BBO5-06 (7)
BBO5-06 (8)
BBO5-06 (10)
BBO7-08 (1)
BBO7-08 (2)
BBO7-08 (3)
BBO7-08 (4)
BBO7-08 (5)
BBO7-08 (7)
OldBBH (2)
OldBBH (3)
OldBBH (7)
OldBBH (4)
OldBBH (8)
OldBBH (1)
OldBBH (6)
OldBBH (5)