Basketball ~ 2019-2020

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Annual Banquet, March 4, 2020 ~
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Of course Chef Kavelak and his crew did their usual fine job , after which we moved
to the auditorium for remarks from the Coaches and player recognition ~
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Coach Spence started things off along with her Junior High squad ~
BBBanqPic030420 (7)
BBBanqPic030420 (1)
The combined JV and Varsity Squads ~
(l-r)  ~  Paige Rhine, Kirstie Van Tassel,  Ally Gaines, Abby Ryan, Riley Ryen, Lauryn Kitchen, McLain Alt,
Olivia Bender, Emma Hipps,  Kylie Van Tassel, Megan Durandetta, Tesa Miller.
Junior Megan Durandetta
is now at #5 All-Time with
126 Three-Point Field Goals.
This season accounted for
40 of those. This picture
is from 12/27/19 when she
passed the 100 mark in a
big win at Curwensville. 
Senior Tesa Miller zoomed
from #14 / 474 Career
Rebounds all the way
up to 693 to claim
All-Time #3 spot.
The Junior High girls again; this time they've taken
over the Homecoming Queen podium
All of the Ryans / Ryens
With these new
updates to the
All-Time List you
may want to
check-out all
the entries.
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BBBanqPic030420 (4)
BBBanqPic030420 (5)
   Assistant Varsity/JV Coach Ann Weaver      Volunteer Assistant Rachel Thompson                   Head Coach Joe Castagnolo
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. . . and with Coaches Castagnolo (l), Thompson and Weaver (r) thrown in there too . . .
MeganPic122719(Betsy) (563 x 800)
BBBanqPic030420 (9)
BBBanqPic030420 (11)
And three of those same girls display
the honors they've earned ~
Alayna Winters - Defensive Player
Cayleigh Walker - M.V.P.
McKenna Lanager - Coach Stan Award
BBBanqPic030420 (10)
BBBanqPic030420 (12)
The freshmen Coaches, Jayme Spence (l) and
Whitney Ferguson (r) pose proudly
with Cayleigh & Alayna . . .
. . . which takes us to some trivia about the Lady Bison Coaches.
Most of the assistant coaches pictured on this page plus the absent Margo
Castagnolo played basketball here at C.H.S. under Coach Castagnolo.
(Margo had some silly excuse about finishing up college or something.)
Ann (Janocko) Weaver graduated in '09, Jayme (Ryan) Spence in '10,
Rachel Thompson in '12 and Margo in '16. All four started varsity and
Ann & Rachel were honored as Progress / Jim's "Athlete of the Week"

Whitney Ferguson, however, did not play for Clearfield. Instead, she grew up
in Bradford and played as a Lady Owl
against Clearfield, graduating in '07.
But now that she's part of the Lady Bison family we kinda like her.

Lisa Redden, who helms the 7th-8th grade squad was present, led
the benediction and made sure our table got to eat first but
opted out of the photo opportunities.