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Lady Bison Softball - 2022 V & JV Schedule ~
Scrim ?
Scrim ?

at Philipsburg * - Max

vs Hollidaysburg * - Max
at Bald Eagle Area *
- Max
vs Tyrone * - Max
at Bellefonte * - Max
at Huntingdon * - Max
vs Penns Valley * - Max
vs Philipsburg*- Max
at Punxsutawney - Max
at Hollidaysburg * - Max
vs Bald Eagle Area * - Max
at Portage Tourney

at Tyrone *
- Max  
vs Bellefonte * - Max
vs Saint Marys - Max
vs Huntingdon * - Max
at Penns Valley * -
at Central Mountain - Max
vs Du Bois - Max
All games are at 4:30 except as noted.

Softball - 2022
   Varsity & JV -                        
All weekday games this year have a 4:30 starting time. Times
for the Portage Tournament on Saturday 4/30/22 are TBA.

The Lady Bison compete in the "Mountain League",
playing each team in the league twice for 14 games.
Non-League games this year are scheduled with
Central Mountain, Du Bois, Punxsutawney & Saint Marys
and add in two for the Portage Tournament and that's a total
of 20 regular season games.

Major changes are Hollidaysburg now being in the league
instead of Central High and Central Mountain and Saint Marys
taking the place of Curwensville. Saint Marys is on the regular
season schedule for the first time since 2010, C.M. for their
first time since 2014.

Our longest trips this year are to Central Mountain,
Penns Valley & Portage; and there are a couple of others
that are over 100 miles.
Round trip mileage to all the away games comes to about
943 miles, about a 100 more than last year but a lot easier
than the 1200 it was several years ago.

I'm sure this schedule is subject to tweaks and of course
weather related changes and is only posted here now to
take your minds off of the single digit temps outside.
Clearfield Lady Bison
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Mountain League Teams ~ Bald Eagle Area, Bellefonte, Clearfield, Hollidaysburg, Huntingdon, Penns Valley, Philipsburg-Osceola & Tyrone. Go HERE to read about how the League went from 12 teams to 10 to the current eight.
Mountain League Website ~
* Clearfield Softball is slotted in the "AAAA" classification this season in d9 with
   Bradford & Saint Marys rather than 3A of two years ago. Brookville, Karns City &
   Punxsutawney now comprise 3A while DuBois is the sole team in d9 5A. There are no
   "6A" teams in d9 and twenty-five schools are in single and "double A"
* Mountain League Games
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Tuesday - 29th

Friday - 1st
Monday - 4th
Thursday - 7th
Tuesday - 12th
Wednesday - 13th
Monday - 18th
Thursday - 21st
Monday - 25th
Tuesday - 26th
Thursday - 28th
Saturday -30th

Monday -  2nd
Thursday - 5th
Monday - 9th
Tuesday - 10th
Friday - 13th
Tuesday - 17th
Wednesday - 18th
Travel Directions & Weather Forecast
for the season's Away Games are