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Lady Bison Softball All-Time Records
Acknowledgements ~
All game results were provided through information provided to The Progress.  From 1977
through 1994, box scores were compiled from microfilm; from 1995-2016 statistics were
gathered from information previously recorded by The Progress and from 2014 to the present the
statistics were obtained from MaxPreps.
The information is only as accurate as the information provided to The Progress.
From 1977 to 2012 the Lady Bison played 825 games.  During that time there were
eight games not reported to The Progress and therefore that information is not included in the statistics.
The games were:
April 24, 1977 at Brookville
April 29, 1978 vs St Marys
May 7, 1983 vs St Marys
April 28, 1984 vs Tyrone
April 28, 1985 vs St Marys
April 14, 1989 vs Claysburg-Kimmel
April 18, 1990 at St Marys
Special thanks to the following groups and individuals that helped provided access to the
information: The Progress and Jaclyn Yingling, Sports Editor and Rich Murawski, Assistant
Sports Editor; Clearfield County Historical Society; and Paul Dietzel;
MaxPreps; The Bison, Clearfield Area High School Yearbook; Elk County Historical Society
and Bob Imhof; Square One Design and Print and Chad Billotte; and Clearfield Lady Bison
Softball Coaching Staff
Clearfield Lady Bison Softball
1977 - 2022
The following information has been collected and organized by Mr. Richard Ogden of Clearfield
and provided to us for inclusion on this website.We are all much in his debt.

Editor's Note: In looking through this voluminous work it is helpful to keep in mind when comparing
any of the "stats" from the past with more recent ones that all of the records set by the recently graduated
squad were accomplished in three seasons rather than four because of 2020's season being cancelled.
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General Information ~
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Score by Game - Season ~
Oponent Summary ~
Score by Game - Opponent ~
Batting Records - Season ~
Pitching Records - Season ~
Batting Records - Career ~
Pitching Records - Career ~
Outstanding Pitching Performances - Low Hit Games ~
Outstanding Pitching Performances - Articles  ~
Outstanding Pitching Performances - Shutouts ~
Season Statistics ~
All Time Player Roster ~
And still, some of my older, less comprehensive, more amateurish entries ~
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