Lady Bison Softball - The Players
Softball - 2022

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   2022 Team .  .  .  Returning Letterwinners ! 
  Juniors, Varsity Players ~
    Freshman Varsity Players ~
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Olivia Bender, #13V, C/P
Alexis Benton, #00V, OF
Alexis Bumbarger, #12V, SS
Alexis Cole, #19V/25 JV, OF
Emma Hipps, #15V, P/IF
Lauren Ressler, #8V, 1B
  L-R: Lauren Ressler,  Kylee Hertlein,  Alexis Benton, Emma Hipps, Olivia Bender, Alexis Bumbarger, Alexis Cole

(This photo and Senior portraits below are courtesy of Carrie Benton)
   2022 Lady Bison Softball Varsity Team, Coaches ~
Back: Ruby Singleton, Emma Hipps, Olivia Bender, Anna Twigg
Front: Alexis Bumbarger, Kylee Hertlein, Lauren Ressler, Alaina Fedder, Alexis Benton
(Progress photo by Rich Murawski, used with permission)
Kylee Hertlein, #2V, 2B
   2022 Lady Bison Softball Junior Varsity Team  ~
  Seniors - CHS Class Of 2022 ~
  Senior Players -   
Alaina Fedder, #7V, IF/P               
Sophomore Varsity Players ~
Ruby Singleton, #16V, OF                           
Paige Houser, #4V/9JV, P/IF
Anna Twigg, #22V, C/OF
Ava Lynch, #23V, IF
SBPic040822 (32)
SBPic040822 (28)
Back: Coaches Harlan Funk & Derek Danver, Ruby Singleton, Ava Lynch, Emma Hipps, Olivia Bender,
Alexis Benton, Anna Twigg, Coaches Nikki Funk & Sandy Bailor
Front: Alaina Fedder,  Kylee Hertlein, Lauren Ressler, Alexis Bumbarger, Alexis Cole, Paige Houser
Back: Coaches Bailor & Jay Siegel, Taylor Blantz, Alexus Green, Sam Gardner, Chloe Sarver,
Alaina Moore, Lucy Norris, Kelsey Mitchell, Coach Mike Norris
Front: Eve Siegel, Michelle Johnson, Faith Gardner, Paige Houser, Chloe Rowles, Avlynn McKendrick, Madi McBride
7-O. Bender22
3-A. Benton
8-A. Bumbarger22
4-A. Cole
2-K. Hertlein
6-E. Hipps
1-L. Ressler 22
SBPic040822 (46)
SBPic040822 (26)
Eve Siegel
Taylor Blantz
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