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Softball - 2016

Back when the first season of Clearfield Little League Softball kicked off
May 18th, 2013 nobody was quite sure what would come of it all.
Some of the girls that played that first year are now
Sophomores & Freshmen, playing for C.H.S:

Allstate Insurance ~
Makayla Ross
Myra Kavelak
Clearfield Bank & Trust ~
Aspen Bishop ~ Chloe Brower
Kate Lansberry ~ Makeeli Redden
Holiday Inn Express ~
Abby Fedder
Nikki Brossard
Primitive Me ~
Lindsey Shaw
LLSB050813 (15)
LLSB050813 (13)
LLSB050813 (16)
LLSB050813 (14)
and a few action photos from that first day ~
LLSB050813 (1)MakeelAspen
LLSB050813 (31)Nikki
LLSB050813 (34)Nikki2
Clearfield Little League Softball & the Lady Bison ~