Softball - 2019
at Central High, 5-7-19 ~
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Softball - 2022
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State Champs ~
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In July I ran into these three Lady Bison -
Ruby Singleton, Emma Hipps and Alexis Benton.
They were up at C.H.S. helping out with the Little
Lady Bison Softball Camp, getting the 9 thru 13
year-olds ready to carry on their tradition.

And, as luck would have it, they just happened to have
their 2022 4A State Championship Trophy with them.

Congratulations again Girls; it's been a lot of fun.
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Paige Houser, Madi McBride, Eve Siegel, Anna Twigg, Alaina Fedder, Kylee Hertlein, Alexis Bumbarger, Alexis Benton,
Lexi Cole, Lauren Ressler, Coaches Mike Morris & Jay Siegel, Olivia Bender, Emma Hipps.
(missing from photo - Ruby Singleton & Alexus Green)
The 2022 Lady Bison State Championship Softball Team was honored
at half-time of the Bison Football game on 10-7-22 ~
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Clearfield County Fair Parade - the girls were "Grand Marshals" - August 1, 2022
Some of the "hardware" that the girls picked up for their campaign ~
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State Championship
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PIAA District 9
Mountain League
Clearfield Borough
Mayor's Proclamation
Individual Player Medals ~
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PIAA District 9
State Championship
Emma displays her "Pennsylvania High School Softball
Coaches Association" 2022 Pitcher-of-the Year Award ~
The girls lined up for this photo-op at the Community Appreciation Day by the gazebo in the park ~