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4-8-10, used
with permission.
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Kristen Henderlong           Adrienne Stucke                  Amber Scott
2010 Photos by Jim Butler,
I have received all of the HS Girls Soccer permission slips back. We are good to go.
Thank you.
Leslie Grice
Gifted Support Teacher
As soon as they give you confirmation that they have them then we are fine. They can turn them in to me. Sarah Fye is still the volleyball coach and she has already turned them in. Jon Mccaulley is the girls tennis coach and his email address is <>. Thanks you just reminded me that i forgot to give him the forms. I will do so on Monday and since he only has a few kids they should be able to get them back in quickly. You should not need Act 34 clearance. If so then so does anyone from the progress or any other type of media.
Robert D. Gearhart
Athletic Director
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