Basketball ~ 2016-2017

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Annual Banquet, March 16, 2017 ~
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After the feast we've all come to expect from Chef Kavelak and crew, we adjourned to the Auditorium ~
The seniors Femke Busch, Niki Chew & Ally Lindstrom, show off their posters made-up of
this season's action photos and presented by the Booster Club ~
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Where Emcee Bill Lindstrom introduced Coach Kayla Caragein, and Coaches Lisa Redden and Jayme Ryan
BBanqPic17 (4)
who presented their middle-school and Freshman squads ~
BBanqPic17 (5)
Followed by Coaches
Ann Janocko and Stan Solarczyk
and the Jayvees ~
BBanqPic17 (6)
L-R: Femke Busch, Karlie Gisewhite, McLain Alt, Sabrina Shomo, Alexis Clark, Alyssa Twigg, Tesa Miller,
Athea Condon, Alyssa Serena, Adrian Rowles
Then Coach "C" and the Varsity ~
BBanqPic17 (7)
L-R:  McLain Alt, Alyssa Serena, Alyssa Twigg, Tesa Miller, Alexis Clark, Karlie Gisewhite,
Nikki Brossard, Niki Chew, Brooke Cline, Alayna Ryan, Ally Lindstrom
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